My name is Tim. I have been in the business of emergency services for 25 years, both in the military and the local county sector.

I am retired U.S. Air Force, having served 20 years working in Command Posts around the world, directing and coordinating emergency services. Shortly after retirement from the Air Force, I returned to emergency services in 2004, working for a county Emergency Management agency in Southwest Washington.

In my years of working in emergency services, I have experienced the full cycle of working with and talking to responders and victims from the start of the emergency through to the end, when the clean up and rebuilding begins.

I hope that I can give you some insight on the planning you can do now so that you are better able to respond, as well as give you some idea of the process and what to expect when it is all over and it is time to clean up and rebuild.

Thank you for visiting.

Header photo credit to Nonac_Digi.