Emergency Cooking and Heating

Emergencies and their aftermath can extend for a long while following an emergency. Have something to warm food and drink and keep you warm.

Whether for an emergency or for camping, it is always important to have the necessary equipment for cooking and staying warm. I have personally used the two burner propane stoves as my only source of cooking while living in a mountain cabin for five months. They work great for preparing almost any meal.

The heaters are great for providing warmth but recommend only using them for a short time.

One word of caution when it comes to using fuel systems like propane, charcoal, and gas to do your cooking and heating…all fuel burning systems put off carbon monoxide and should not be used in less than well ventilated spaces.

They work great but should never be left on for long periods unless properly ventilated. This should not scare you away from using these systems because they are very handy to use, but you need to be careful.