Emergency Food

Here you will find a good selection of emergency food with a long shelf life.

Obviously, food is a staple of life needed to survive emergencies or the venture in the great outdoors.

When looking to find survival food kits, make sure the food has a long shelf life and that you periodically check it to make sure it is still good. You don’t really want to find yourself in a position of needing the food and it is no longer good.

Mountain House Foods provides a vast assortment of emergency food supplies.

Some can goods are OK to keep in the basement but aren’t feasible to pack on the go. If you do have some can goods stashed, make sure to have a can opener.

One option is food bars and dehydrated meals. They last a long time, have little or no preparation, and are easy to pack out.

Many emergency/camping food bars and dehydrated meals are actually pretty good tasting and are packed with the nutrition you need. Make sure to read the ingredients for any allergic items that may affect you or your family and that it has the nutritional value you need.

Mountain House Foods provides a vast assortment of food supplies to fit your needs. These foods offer a long shelf life and are light weight enough to be able to pack in for a long trek. There is even freeze dried survival food.

You will need additional storage items when breaking down bulk items or preparing food for either long-term storage or packing for the trek outdoors.