Emergency Water Items

Appropriate amount of water and something feasible to carry it cannot be overstated. Be sure to have something that each family member can carry some water.

Everyone knows that water is the core to life.

As most people know, all water is not created equal. Water can become easily contaminated by anything that it comes in contact with. During times of an emergency or camping in the great outdoors, it is imperative to have clean fresh drinking water.

Who knows what has been in that water? During these times it is imperative that you know that the water you and your family are drinking is safe.

You will not know if your drinking water is clean enough for you to drink unless you pack it yourself or use a system to make it clean.

There are a number of options available to pack water in. Big emergency water containers are great to pack water for several days or for several people. Unless you are storing the water or driving to the place you need it, it is not very mobile.

To pack a viable supply of good water, you need a smaller container to carry around. CamelBak water carriers are great for this.

There are systems to purify and filter the water that is available if that is your only option. Microfilters and iodine are always an option.