emergency survival kit backpackThese emergency backpack kits are essential in an emergency. Most provide the basic items needed to help you make it through an emergency.

No matter where you live, we are all susceptible to many natural or man-made disasters. Having an emergency kit for you and your family is absolutely essential to be prepared.

Pre-made emergency backpacks are a great way to instantly prepare for emergencies. Also called disaster survival kits, bug out bags, 72-hour kits, emergency kits, survival packs, and an earthquake preparedness kit, these emergency backpack kits come with most of the supplies needed for you and your family to prepare.

All crammed into one bag, there is a lot of stuff that comes with each bag/kit.

Survival backpacks are not all you need though, as you must ensure you also include clothing and medications. Be sure to have enough for each family member. These kits can be stowed away for ready use when needed. Make sure you have them in a readily accessible place so everyone knows where to grab and go.

Also don’t forget about having something prepared for your pets. Medications, blanket, food, water, etc.

These kits are an integral part of emergency preparedness and are also great for outdoor or wilderness survival.

For more information about planning for emergencies, visit the Emergency Preparedness Plan page.

Having car emergency kits in every vehicle is also a must. Many people are under the impression that if they don’t live in a cold weather climate, they won’t need one. Not true. Roadside emergency kits may contain lights, tape, knife, hazard sign, jumper cables, and many other things all together in one kit to pack away in your vehicle.

All emergency roadside kits are not equal. Some have only the bare essentials while others may contain a fire extinguisher, flat tire fixer, and a poncho. Look for auto emergency kits that will best meet your needs. See Quick and Easy Driving Tips and Safety for more information.

If you are looking for emergency backpack kits to prepare you for local threats in your area, you can always find the items you need online for very reasonable prices.

When you are ready to start putting together a supply of additional things to have ready, see my article on A Quick and Easy Emergency Preparedness List.